I know I'm getting way ahead of myself and the car will be officially revealed in Dec but am I the only one who thinks the Mustang just didn't go far enough styling wise, or at all in some eyes, for the totally new 2015 pony?

The recent renders and the picture above look dreadful to me. Going retro has it's benefits and it's consequences. It initially draws in people with lots of hype but where do you go from there: clearly you couldn't go Mustang II, what a turd that was.

Yes it does take cues from the EVOS Concept, which was great, but it seems way too safe and sanitary. I know this isn't the official reveal and we will get it soon enough. I am leaving room to change my mind but so far I'm disappointed.

What do Ford, Chevy and Dodge/Fiat do next for all their pony cars? When popularity wanes and it's time for something new, including customers, what do these companies do? The Mustang, Camaro and Cahllenger/Charger are styled around there very best years and models. The next iterations in each case was not very good and not very well regarded, i.e my turd comment above.

So, tell me, after retro has run it's course, what should these companies do: and has retro run it's course already?

I took this directly from my comment made of AutoBlog.com and just wanted everyone's opinion here. Thanks.