I've had this argument before and today it comes from and article on Auto Blog Jag C-X75 from Auto Blog

I'll rip some exerts from my comment and craft them here again for this audience.

"If you read this site and make comments you are in rather rarefied air: we are the car enthusiasts! Most people, I say about %90 aren't. Most people just see cars as transport, tools for getting from A to B, or status symbols to impress the neighbors.

For us, cars, motorcycles, boats or whatever turns your crank, are far more than tools. They are our passion and for some of us our careers. So when a super/hyper car like this awesome Jag doesn't make it to life, or is still born, we should all be sad.

Take a look around you, your own family, friends, co-workers or just your neighborhood, I'll bet very few if any share your passion for cars. To make it worse, the younger they are the more they don't care.

We talk about the 1970's as the 'malaise period' for cars in general but I think we may be at the beginning of another period just like it and perhaps worse. The 70's were a time of awful engineering, horrid styling all topped off with the OPEC oil crisis. A real trifecta of shit kicking that didn't really lift until the early to mid 90's.


If you love the 70's/80's I don't mean to dismiss you or your passions but come on! I implore you to seek out and enjoy your objects of desire but don't expect me to participate.

"Bernard has graced us with this comment and to put it bluntly, your an idiot! Just for clarification, the e-Tron, 918, i8 and C-X75 all do exist and all work and 2 of them are for sale as you read this. The Ferrari LaFerrari and MacLaren P1 are about to join the fray and yes all are hybrid cars as well.

Really the argument is over the hybrid tech and the hatred of it. Bernard do you know why the car companies are so interested in looking green? It's because they have to become green. Legislators the world over are writing laws to make big industry become far more efficient and far less polluting.

So if you have read the post and know who Bernard is, this should make sense. If not: Bernard is another one in a long line of 'car guys' who seem to hate hybrids. I don't get this hate. I've stated a few times that I'm not sure that electric is the way to go and I'm sure with the current technology available I know it's faulty at best but honestly, you have start somewhere.


What is the fear of pushing the envelope? Why do some love oil/gasoline so much? I've heard from all kinds of 'car guys' to well represented car journalists and from some well placed auto executives with real power in the business.

The %90 are going to decide what we get and that will be that. If to appease them a bit we need to embrace new technology and Hybrid tech at this time or before something truly revolutionary hits the stage then so be it. The LaFerrari, P1, i8, 918 and whatever else follows seem to be awesome cars. Faster than ever before, lighter and stronger than ever before and efficiency numbers only dreamt of. How is this a bad thing?

"The car companies themselves know better than anyone the damage and future damage the gasoline internal combustion engine produces. The car companies know better than anyone the impending scarcity of oil that is on the horizon. They also know better than anyone that the %90 I talked about earlier, don't generally care about super/hyper cars like you and I do, but it does make for good press and showcases for technology.

The super/hyper car is exactly where this type of technology is supposed to start and that is exactly what is happening, and that's great! Learn to love or get left behind.


If you have half a brain in your head and look around the world, you know what's coming. America is not the only super power and can no longer act as if it's siloed and separate from the rest of the world. 'BRIC' countries, Brazil, Russia, India and China are all increasing demand everyday beyond the capacity of oil production.

This of course should make you question all of those price hikes and spikes of the past when America and Europe were the only ones really using the oil in any numbers and yet we kept hearing production and capacity problems for the prices. What a load of shit that was.

So, oil companies lie, and water is wet. This is the time for us to look to something new. Oil and gas will be around for decades to come but don't be left with your pants down and no where to run when the shit really hits the fan.


Fossil fuels are finite and the 'BRIC' nations are now taking much larger pieces of the pie and that demand is only increasing. Americans struggled at $5 a gallon gas price just recently, imagine $7-$12 a gallon. The fight to divide up the resources known and those yet to be discovered are going to be diluted with blood, make no bones about it.

Finding the alternative and in return, saving lives and hopefully having clean air and water is the ticket to financial success. Those who cling onto the past will be left behind or paying through the nose to acquire the technology just to exist.

Geez, I didn't even mention Tesla did I?