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OPPOolitics 7: Don't Jump on This Chariot!

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It’s been a few months since I carried on my OPPOolitics thread and there were some very solid reasons for the wait. First, some of you weren’t waiting and didn’t care anyways! Two, some very personal family business has taken priority for me. Third and most important, I think we are all tired and sick of hearing about Trump!


I get that, I really do; but given the recent moves made by this idiot and how it, or may, effect the cars and industry we love here, I thought it was time to dust off my keyboard and let one rip.

Like most of you I have been reading and consuming news regarding the economy, trade, tariffs and the seeming dumpster fire that is the ‘Trump Economic Plan’, of which I do not think there is one. This guy is no rocket scientist. His ‘plan’ is the reflex reaction to his feelings. Either long held or burned into him that morning on Fox and Friends or by the cabal of white nationalists and communist leaning cronies he surrounds himself with.


As I’m sure you can tell, I am NOT a Trump fan or supporter. Hard for me to do given my current residency anyways. But you can’t be the most powerful man on the planet, in charge of the most powerful country the world has ever seen, and not be affected by him or his policies(Tweets) from time to time.

While it is your business, right to choose, vote in this case, and the sole domain of US citizens to choose your President, don’t think for one second that the rest of the free and democratic world doesn’t care or isn’t affected by your choices.


Americans simply cannot go around the world exercising their power, leading the world economy which you built, bragging about how America is the best place in the world period, and not expect the rest of us to at a minimum, make comments.

Americans sell themselves as citizens of the greatest country to have ever existed on the face of the Earth and I think you’re right. Your constitution is unique and special. I think this current President is soiling it terribly and the Senate and Congress are at a minimum, complicit in it’s degradation.


You cannot however go around making such a brag and then be surprised that people of lesser countries want to come and live with you and participate in that great experience. That is the story of America: why do some of you not get that?

A bit off topic there, my apologies. Back to the economy stupid. I decided to write this blog mostly after reading this post from Jalopnik;


Trumps’ Tariffs Will Cost American Jobs and Consumers

Trade wars always end badly and no one ever wins, there are nothing but casualties.


There are a few things to keep in mind when trying to understand where this President is coming from. One, he thinks the most important thing is to be seen as strong or more importantly, not to be seen as weak. The vanity of this guy is on a scale that cannot be measured.

Two, he’s a Manhattan real-estate developer. This explains his experience and working knowledge of how to or not to get along with others. Three, he simply is not a bright and learned man. He lacks the fortitude and discipline to put the work into understanding the situation at hand. He works from his gut, in the moment. Maybe that’s great for real-estate but for running the free world, it’s not working.


For those of you saying to just look at the economy, be honest. I will give him credit for boosting the economy, business looked very favorably at the huge and permanent tax cut they got and through some peanuts our way to suck up to this guy. The honest part though, this is Obama’s economy after he saved it and built it back up.

Trump has lit a fire under it but his recent moves may cool or kill it. BTW, if you have been praising the tax package and those few pennies you got back this year and maybe next, come and talk to me two years from now when you’re paying for the awesome tax cut for the wealthiest and the corporations that now burden you and your bottom line.


Something really interesting to end this blog now. Over this past weekend CNN, yes the hated CNN and their reporter Smerconish, did an interview with Peter Navarro, Director of the National Trade Council. This guy is a nationalist and populist and fits perfectly into Trumps myopic crazy world.

He said something really interesting though and I wonder if Trump and his campaign will run with it? It could be a winner and truly change the narrative of the modern American experience.


In a nut shell, Trumps belief is that all that came before him were stupid and made stupid decisions. That the world has and is taking advantage of America, given the stupidity, and made off like bandits. Those stupid decisions have cost America and American jobs.

The problem with those arguments is that it does not take into account, the actions taken by private business, shareholders, the laws regarding fiduciary duties of the executives and management of said corporations and the overall system and basis for the free market economy.


Somewhere around the middle Smerconish gets Navarro to state what the policy means for American workers in American plants and businesses; listen between the 7 and 9 minuet marks. It’s fascinating and sets up a potential fight between your average blue collar worker, the Trump supporter, and the American and multinational corporations. That is something that even I may be able to get behind.

The problem though, this fight is lead by Trump who made his bones on screwing the little blue collar guy. Beware the wolf in sheep’s clothing!

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